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 Upcoming Engagements

2017 - 2019

Dale Boisclair Consulting is pleased to announce that Dale is continuing his ongoing arrangement with the Canadian Credit Union Association through to the end of 2019, to provide virtual and in-class course facilitation and design, development and revisions to the CCUA retail credit curriculum.

During this time Dale will fulfil previously arranged commitments with his BC credit union clients but his ability to take on new engagements will be limited. If you would like to book Dale please contact him directly to discuss your needs and to determine if scheduling is available.

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Services & Engagements

Services Offered

Dale Boisclair Consulting is committed to ensuring that its clients receive highly professional, relevant training that offers true value, in an environment of confidentiality, privacy and trusting partnership. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards, and understand that we are a part of a community, working together to enhance the credit union member experience.

Curriculum Development and Delivery

To this end, Dale Boisclair Consulting specializes in curriculum development and delivery.

In December 2013 Dale Boisclair Consulting provided The Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA) with an in-depth review of their national retail credit curriculum. Included in this report were short-term and long-term recommendations for curriculum development and input into the organization’s new strategic training plan. Dale Boisclair Consulting’s recommendations were accepted in their entirety. In early 2014 Dale, along with a highly capable team at CCUA, began incorporating the proposed changes in a relevant and accessible way via a comprehensive curriculum revision.

Currently, Dale continues to provide timely and relevant feedback to the CCUA. He also personally designs, develops and facilitates much of the new retail credit curriculum.

New courses Dale has written include:

  • Applied Consumer Lending
  • Applied Residential Mortgage Lending
  • Chronic Credit Seekers
  • High-Income / High Net-Worth Borrowers
  • Risk and Relationship Pricing (© Dale Boisclair Consulting)
  • Self-Employed Borrowers (© Dale Boisclair Consulting)
  • Case Studies in Advanced Residential Construction Financing
  • Insured Mortgages with Improvements
  • Applied Delinquency and Collections
  • Small Claims and Security Realization

To book Dale please contact him at 250-488-1547 or send him an e-mail at dale@daleboisclair.ca

For classroom facilitated training or virtual training via webinar of any CCUA related material please contact the CCUA training and development team at www.cusource.ca.

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