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I have had the opportunity to experience many different trainers and facilitators over the years, and I can confidently say Mr. Boisclair is one of the best I have seen...

Mark Grimm - Branch Manager – First Ontario Credit Union

Dale Boisclair Consulting is pleased to partner with the companies and organizations listed below to provide exceptional, results-oriented training and solutions to credit union staff throughout Canada.

Client List

  • Credit Union Central of Canada
  • Summerland Credit Union
  • Central 1 Credit Union
  • Canadian Cooperative Association
  • Mongolian National Cooperative Association
  • Mongolian Confederation of Credit Unions
  • Mongolian Cooperative Training and Information Centre
  • PRA Group
  • Valley First Credit Union
  • Raven Marine Services
  • Tudor Mortgage Architects
  • Kootenay Savings Credit Union
  • Coastal Community Credit Union
  • First Credit Union
  • Island Savings Credit Union
  • Mortgage Brokers Association of BC
  • CUSource Credit Union Knowledge Network
  • Credit Union Lenders Association of Manitoba
  • Integris Credit Union
  • Northern Savings Credit Union
  • Spruce Credit Union
  • Williams Lake and District Credit Union
  • North Shore Credit Union
  • Lake View Credit Union
  • Community Futures North Okanagan
  • Revelstoke Credit Union
  • Columbia Valley Credit Union
  • Uganada Cooperative Alliance

Testimonials & Client List

Please read below to see how Dale Boisclair Consulting is assisting credit unions throughout Canada by providing professional, timely, quality driven consulting services.

Dale is a trusted member of our faculty and as with any academic focused institution, the quality of faculty is paramount to the success of our training. Dale is a skilled facilitator who easily transitions between a face-to-face classroom environment and our virtual classrooms. Dale has transitioned face to face content offerings into a virtual classroom delivery format and acted as a trainer and mentor to other faculty members to increase their skills and confidence in the virtual classroom. Over the last twelve months, Dale’s diverse background and talents have been instrumental in the scope definition, development and delivery of targeted retail lending content, the base of which has become our lending curriculum

Mirren Harris

Director, Product Development and Delivery

CUSource, Credit Union Knowledge Network


"I missed putting in for the survey for this course.  I just wanted to make the comment that (of) all of the courses I have been on… Dale has been the best Facilitator!!!   He kept everyone engaged and awake!  I would not hesitate to take another of his courses. He covered all the information and was very accommodating, as there was a wide variety of experience in the group that I attended with.

I believe it was a valuable learning experience for myself and I came away with information I will be utilizing on a daily basis!"

Kudos to Dale!  

 Anonymous Participant
CUSource – Applied Mortgage Lending
Toronto ON / May 2013


"On behalf of the Board of Directors of Lake View Credit Union, I would like to congratulate you and all those that worked with you, on the exemplary job you did of bringing our collections into line. We recognize the hard work, commitment, dedication and perseverance you all displayed in tackling this huge job."

  • Joe Judge
  • President, Board of Directors
  • Lake View Credit Union

"Dale brings a depth of intrinsic knowledge of the lending industry to his seminars along with his enthusiasm and boundless energy. His teaching style keeps the class focused with a great mix of interactive activities and conceptual overviews so you feel like you’ve really learned something of merit – not just enough information to pass a test. I would highly recommend him for teaching any level of financial services training from someone first starting in the industry to veterans trying to keep pace with constant underwriting changes."

Kevan Ibbotson
Tudor Mortgage Architects
Manager – Private Client Services

“Dale Boisclair Consulting provided us with an effective people strategy based on a combination of well-considered research combined with insight and knowledge gained through years of real-world experience. Dale’s thorough analysis and thoughtful consideration delivered incredible value and helped us make the right decisions on how to effectively apply our limited resources as we move our company forward in new and exciting directions.”

Brad Marchant
Director, Sales and Service
Raven Marine Services

“We hired Dale to facilitate a construction finance workshop for lenders at North Shore Credit Union. Our lenders needed to broaden their knowledge and understanding of this unique type of lending. The participant’s feedback was very positive and they left with a greater understanding of the construction finance process and the risks involved.”

Joanne Mason
Credit Manager
North Shore Credit Union

"Integris Credit Union organized a “Construction Financing Workshop” in Prince George with Dale Boisclair as facilitator. More than 25 participants came from three different northern credit unions, all with different levels of lending experience. Dale’s knowledge and experience is a very important asset but his facilitation skills are what participants recognize and appreciate. He has a good command of learning theory and methods and this is evident in the way he designs and delivers his sessions. Dale’s use of case studies helped participants apply the information and he was able to keep them interested and involved with large group discussions. Staff left this session wanting more of Dale’s workshops!"

Margaret Ferguson
Training Manager
Integris Credit Union

"I've worked with Dale on a number of different projects. He is extremely personable, resourceful and knowledgeable of the training and development and operational requirements in a financial institution. He is an excellent trainer and mentor, he has coached many individuals providing them with the skills and knowledge required to be a successful in their roles. Dale came highly recommended, it is my absolute pleasure to work with him."

                                                            Andrea Halishoff
                                                            Human Resources Manager
                                                            Lake View Credit Union                                                                            

"Dale’s keen mind, attention to detail, and strong will drives both results and change. He is passionate about professional and personal development and that passion comes through very clearly in his work.”

Kelly McGiffin
President & CEO
FirstOntario Credit Union

“I have had the opportunity to experience many different trainers and facilitators over the years, and I can confidently say Mr. Boisclair is one of the best I have seen. He has a style that makes the training interesting, entertaining, and memorable. He has a presentation method that is very effective, showcasing his confidence and knowledge, and seasoned with his great sense of humour.”

Mark Grimm
Branch Manager
First Ontario Credit Union 

“This course was above and beyond my expectations. It was interesting and the facilitator was phenomenal. He was full of knowledge and a very good speaker.”

“I have taken many courses in 34 years of banking and this was by far the best, eClassroom is the way to go!! Thanks for the opportunity.” 

“Great course and great facilitator. Dale is an excellent presenter and allows input from participants in an effective manner. Plus he keeps to his schedule without cutting anyone off.”   

                                                              Anonymous Participant Feedback
                                                              CUSource in-class and virtual training